Credible And Trustworthy

Marianne Deeks gets it! The daily work she does with real kids in the real world gives her material a depth of authenticity that rings true at every level. She approaches the topic with a practical common sense that makes it useable immediately, but has taken the time to research and document her sources in a way that gives listeners and readers a confidence that what she is presenting is credible and trustworthy. There's not a single squeamish bone in Marianne's body - she takes on subjects that many would find awkward with a matter-of-fact attitude that could only come from talking to kids about this stuff for years. I recommend Marianne without reservation as a woman of wisdom, integrity and insight and as a presenter who is well prepared, engaging and thorough.

Marv Penner
Executive Director - All About Youth Canada

Genuine And Compassionate

Marianne is a wonderful communicator. Her information is relevant and true and is always presented with compassion and concern for her listeners. Her love and genuine desire for the well-being of teens and their families shines through in every word she speaks. Do not hesitate to invite her to educate you!

Dave Lombardo
Youth Pastor - People's church

Be Better Equiped

As a youth ministry veteran, no one understands girl culture better than Marianne Deeks. She has heard the tragic stories of sex gone wrong in the lives of the girls she works with. We are fortunate to have a woman addressing this issue as strongly and honestly as she does. Parents and youth workers will walk away better equipped to help our young people survive in their world of overt sexuality.

Paul Robertson
Youth Culture Specialist - Youth Unlimited

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